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Using Stencils!

Today we all got to try out our stencils that we bought on line, we will have more goes with the stencils in September. So what was the verdict? I'd say it was a mixed reaction, we found it takes a little practice using them with watercolours as the colour can seep underneath. Getting the right consistency of paint and water makes a difference.

It may be worth using them with acrylics but have a damp cloth handy to wipe clean the stencils immediately after using to stop build up of paint.

There is the DIY home-made stencil you can experiment with; here's a little list for you to try:

  • Press your own flowers/seeds/leaves in a book - take a small spray bottle and add strong watercolour to the bottle with water to dilute - lay the pressed flower onto paper and spray over the top covering both the flower and the paper

  • use sticky white dots on white paper or on a colour before adding your next layer

  • use ripped cartridge paper as an edge to paint an area whilst masking off another

  • Think of Masking fluid as being a type of stencil

Thanks to Lyn P for her lovely wild flower meadow and use of stencils you can see all of the other wild flower meadow paintings here

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