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Where to get your Xmas cards printed in Worthing

So a few years back, pre-Covid I called PEP printers on Tarring Road to arrange prices and set up for any Xmas cards you want to have printed.

Hopefully this is still current, although the prices may have gone up. The results are really nice.

PEP the Printers

127 Tarring Road,

Worthing, West Sussex,

BN11 4HE

Call 01903 53 53 53

Say you are with Skyblue group in Heene Road

take your painting in with you

they Scan it for £5

order 25 cards costs £14.50 plus VAT and a bit for envelopes

Sort out when to collect and pay - done!

You can also order more than 25, that’s the minimum amount you can order. They know we will be coming in

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