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Wow Fab Drawings!

We have just finished the Short Course for Beginners Drawing and I have to say well done to all of the people who attended, such lovely drawings and they all rose to each weekly drawing challenge so well.

Planning courses for beginners has to be considered carefully, it is also a bit of an unknown as each person who attends has different abilities and most haven't drawn at all or maybe the last time was at school.

Drawing is a lovely thing in its own right, it is relaxing, a super way to unwind and it is very meditative in that you are problem solving nearly all of the time. That doesn't mean to say that it is all plain sailing, hours of concentration can be tiring but I hope also rewarding.

If you are planning to join our classes a good way is to start with a beginners drawing class, it gives you an insight into how to organise space, get shapes as they need to be plus lots more. After the drawing course you can then come to another one or progress to painting.

Thank you to all of the group for many hours of intense concentration but also being fun too!

See all the drawings in the gallery here

Check out the next Drawing Course for Beginners in February 2022 email Jane

Pencil and ink Sunflower by Beverley

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