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YOU are continuing to cheer us all!

Goodness I expect I am not alone in saying that I never thought we would all be still confined to home for such a long period of time. I hope that you are all coping with the very strange feeling that can be overwhelming at times of not socialising! As a group we love meeting up at the community centres, having a coffee and a natter feels like a long way away. But, it will return at some point so is not forever, well thats my mantra today!

Despite all of this and entering the 2nd month of online classes, I continue to be cheered up by my email inbox with paintings coming in from the line and wash sessions. Some of you have been painting in the garden, others have been busy ordering paints online and others have tackled difficult subject painting matter that have given them a challenge. I decided that focusing on just watercolour is easier for both groups as this is the paint we tend to have at home so for May we have more inspiring images to paint from courtesy of Pixabay.

I do believe that painting can take you into a place that is quiet, reflective and absorbing but realise that at this difficult time it may be harder to get down to painting. For this I recommend waiting to see moments when you might feel like it, it will come and then you will enjoy it the most.

Stay safe and well best wishes Jane

Skyblue Online Art Classes are here

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