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Your Classes for 2024

I am looking ahead to 2024 for the classes after having received news about price increases. I am, reluctantly, increasing prices for 2024 classes*. Many of you that come along to classes regularly will know that I haven't increased class prices for some years now. Each time expenses were increased I chose to keep classes the same low price as I know for many it makes a difference.


Due to the increase in room hire at Heene Community Centre I am, unfortunately, no longer able to keep prices the same. To do so would mean I would be losing money. It's easy to see with this lovely community centre that they need to keep going too. We, as a group, have kept them going through thick and thin, bouncing right back after the lockdown years which nearly broke them. Here is part of the email sent to me below.

We appreciate the loyalty of our hirers and users and have always tried to keep our price increases at or below inflation for the benefit of all our users. In January 2022, we increased our prices by 5%, despite inflation running at over 10%. In April this year, minimum wage increased by 9.7% and, as you will no doubt be aware from your own experience, utility bills and other costs have increased substantially.

Therefore, to ensure that the Heene can continue to provide the same quality of service, and the ongoing maintenance to the buildings and infrastructure, the Trustees have decided to apply an increase of 8% to all our prices, except for membership, which will remain at £12. This increase does not apply to the café.

So classes will now increased (Starting January 2023*) to be

  • £61 for four classes (to be used within 2 months)

  • £61 for short courses

  • £18 for single classes

These classes will remain otherwise the same, teaching to give you the skills to enjoy drawing and painting at whatever level you are at. I love teaching and so appreciate all of you so much. It is a real joy to see how your paintings and drawings progress and you can see this by looking at all of the wonderful work in the galleries.

*For existing class members who currently come to class you are welcome to buy classes at the 2023 classes for January so £17 for single classes and £56 for four classes this will be available until our last class on 14 December 2023.

Thank you for your continued support to me as a tutor and as an artist.


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