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Your Free Online Lesson

This week, I am sure you will agree, has been fraught! Coronavirus has taken hold and the world is suddenly a different place in a matter of weeks. As well as keeping safe and virus free it has been very difficult in so many ways and here at Skyblue we had to say goodbye to meeting up at the Community Centres with last week (12 March) being our very last for quite a while. Classes have been so busy and such fun!

For myself and many fellow creatives and self employed people, this has been a very hard hit and, although I could have seen it coming, no one really believed it would happen. It is extraordinary to ask people to stay at home but so necessary. Our art classes are so much more than learning how to draw and paint and for me personally as an artist I love meeting up every week to see everyone.

So at the end of last week I had to decide what to do and now we have moved online for me to provide you with online art classes. Already many of you have taken part and it is so lovely to see, thank you!

This is a huge learning curve for me, regarding technology and creating videos (not normally my thing but I have Roy my partner to help). It is on another website, link below, and has started very small with just one online lesson to follow. When I think back to 2006 I also started small with just one lady who wanted to learn how to paint, from there it grew and now the classes are so lively and popular it makes my heart sing!

So, we have carried on despite this horrible virus, we can connect through art, move away from the horrible news for an hour or so to paint, rejuvenate and enjoy the quiet space that drawing and painting can give. I hope that this helps you too and stay well and safe.

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