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How can you resist using Wax?

Well the question really is, what is wax resist? Using wax pencils or crayons or even wax candles with a water media such as watercolour or acrylic you can achieve some interesting effects. We are going to try this next week in the Thursday drop-in class.

The technique is: you draw with the wax crayons and then apply watercolour or acrylic washes over the top. The wax resists the water so you get the drawing coming through strongly.

It is useful to have coloured crayons but not essential you could work with black and white crayons. The main t

hing to bear in mind is that it is quite permanent. Subjects that lend themselves to this are:

Trees, in leaf, with pattern such as Birch trees on the trunks

Textural areas, stones, walls, grass,

Abstract areas: within a shape over another shape

Animals: a pond full of fish perhaps

Having searched for an inspiring video I have not come up with much, lots of schoolchildren projects but nothing serious to inspire. This must be because wax crayons are associated with children. If you want to buy any new crayons check out the art shops, there are some very good ones, otherwise just normal wax crayons (borrowed from a small person) or even a candle will be fine. You would normally work on watercolour paper if using watercolours. If using acrylics the best effects are achieved with Acrylic Matt Medium, either on acrylic board, canvas or watercolour paper.

Subject: Birch Trees or subject of your choice

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