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5 Arty Things to do in August

Well apart from making Mojijtos that is..... What to do in the summer break? Five things ready for September

1. Start your own home made sketchbook: take old used sheets of watercolour paintings that are blank on the back or acrylic paintings (larger ones) and divide up into 4 smaller ones and cut. Take a hole punch and punch onto left hand side. Take ribbon or string and thread through the pages. Its small enough to get in a bag and can be added to with new pages whenever you need. Uses? Notes, colour notes, experiments with techniques and importantly you are not trying out things for the first time on your painting! A must have....

2. Books? Worthing Library has a super collection of art books. You can read all about various artists or choose to look at techniques in acrylic, watercolour or anything else. You can take out 10 books free! One favourite is: Bright Earth, The Invention of Colour by Philip Ball.

3. Want to upgrade your paint palette? Get a decent palette to work on for watercolour. A great palette will last a lifetime, I recommend the John Pike Big Well Palette, see here for details

4. Sit and draw in a small notebook or sketchbook. Take one pencil or better still a pen, no rubber and even a small glass of what you fancy and sit in a quiet or bustling place. Just experience quiet in your thoughts and look for at least 5 minutes before doing anything. Then draw!

5. Meet up with other Skybluers for their arty gathering listed here on the blog, contact Lynne and get social! :) see you all in September

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