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Take part in Worthing Open Houses

Some of you have expressed an interest in taking part in next years Worthing Open House Art Trail which takes place

18th/19th June25th/26th June2nd/3rd July

If you wish to exhibit your paintings at this event and would like to be part of a group then read on here.

There is a deadline of 31st October to consider so if you are interested or have any queries I may be able to help email me here

There are a few things to consider now when entering, you will have to contribute to an entry fee and as yet we don't have a venue! So initial expression of interest is needed to start, so we can get together and have a meeting or email chat, whatever is easier.

Here is the link to the Worthing Art Trail 2015

I will also post this on the Skyblue Facebook Page or email those interested the link as it seems it wont work here!

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