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Still Life and Home Work

Already the days are getting a little longer and spring is just nearly in sight. In class we have been having a look at the still life and the upside of having a go at this is that you have everything to hand at home.

This is a great opportunity when there is a raging storm outside and there is nothing left to do except paint :) Keep it simple and choose your objects carefully. Try 3 things that have never met in your house before. Choose shape, colour and size. Create a small area with colour in and around them - make a mini world!

When you are the set designer you can choose any configuration you like. Grab a small picture frame and look through it at your still life. Don't forget to look from above, down onto your objects and similarly why not place them on a higher sill so you look up?

Well I look forward to seeing them all :) btw the Still Life Programme on the BBC will be available for a short while here

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