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Xmas card making

For quite a few years near Christmas we enjoy a spot of printmaking using acrylics and a Gelli plate. This year we will try this out on 2 December in the . Great for last minute Christmas cards it is also a lovely introduction to printmaking.

So if you like spontaneous, slightly unpredictable results and fun with backgrounds this class is for you! The printmaking plate is called a Gelli plate - available on Amazon as far as I know. If you look on the link here for inspiration for the cards you will find lots of blogs about using a Gelli plate to print with. We will combine this with actual painting of the robin, pictured in the class info.

Basic Equipment is which can be added to your normal equipment (see weekly newsletter)

acrylics - plus any golds or metallics you like

paper doilies or cut pieces of paper, leaves pieces of string

gelli plate

roller (optional)

paper - watercolour is great but you can also use thinner cheaper paper

brushes, rags, water and newspaper (can get messy!)

images that inspire or old xmas cards, be inspired by the internet especially looking on Pinterest for Gelli Plate images

Masses of choice for making cards and we have done them for many years now with a lot of you getting them printed at the printmakers instead of making individual cards.

PEP Printers in Tarring Road (up the road from Heene Road) will be able to help you, to see where they are click here

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