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Skyblue has a birthday!

Well it may already be February and as many of you may know I am not brilliant with dates, but whilst updating the About section of the Skyblue website I noticed that this is the 10th year I have been running the classes! Wow, where did that go?

So, with that in mind perhaps we should celebrate! I think that a little celebration will be in order in conjunction with the Worthing Open Houses in June and 1st week of July. Normally at Skyblue we have cake so theres no question about that but I will get preparations in place for one of the Saturdays that fall on the Worthing Open Houses or perhaps a private view for the exhibition and our Skyblue Birthday?

It would also be nice to have a new Birthday gallery and any artwork that you would like to send in, whether or not you have been to a class lately, it would be lovely to hear from those that came at the beginning or at any point. If you have any suggestions or ideas for our little celebration party then do use the contact form to get in touch.

Happy 10 years everyone!

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