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Skyblue exhibiting

Update of the Open house exhibition and how things are progressing:

Heene Community Centre has had a face lift and with the new garden next to the cafe it is now a nice destination to visit. the June/July dates for our exhibition are getting nearer. Our exhibition promises to be busy as the centre are also holding their summer fayre on the 2nd weekend. We also have our party on that Sunday.

Worthing Open Houses are getting ready with all of the artworks sent in to them to launch their website and promotions with leaflets. They are also holding an opening party, looking for volunteers to sew bunting and people to distribute leaflets.

You can find all of this information on the Skyblue Facebook Page, bottom right of this page. Join in as much. What can you do to help? Start spreading the word to friends and family, tell them about the Worthing Open Houses and where the class is exhibiting, it makes a great stop on the way to see all the open houses for refreshments and the best cakes in Worthing. Get them to save the dates

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