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Which Colour?

With so many painting projects and different subjects which are the best colours to get for class?

Working either in watercolour or acrylic you will need to choose the most suitable for your pocket too. Some colours are just too expensive to warrant spending out lots of money on, in fact you can build up your colour supply over time. If you buy a set then you can then add a tube or two to those and that is more than enough for a long time.

Colours that have been cropping up lately in class have been Turquoise and Pinks (the combination of these can make other colours from greys to beautiful purples.

Follow the class colour wheel and notice the paint names of the colours on the outside of the wheel. If you are near an art shop treat yourself to one of the above or one that is missing from your colour box at home. Where it says 'artist quality' on the tube you will get better pigments (costing more). "Student quality" can also be good but have less pigments than artist quality. Avoid any really cheap colours, they have very little pigment and are more trouble than they are worth, in fact if you are starting out they can put you off attempting anything further so beware!

For the downloadable colour wheel (in two parts to be printed out so)

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