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Tricias Scrapbook

As I write this we are busy getting off to the polling station and reviewing our future with the European Union. Reviewing things can be a rewarding journey and I was so amazed and delighted by Tricia doing just that.

This includes most of the 'Gallery' archive, copies of some of the photos of various events and a 'diary' of classes, events etc. Extraordinary, and I had really no idea that Tricia was doing this.

Of course back in 2006 computers, email and the internet were very different things but nevertheless it is all there including photocopies of photos, Xmas lunches and more.

Starting off teaching back in 2006 with one lady was I thought going to be just a one off. How wrong I was, as with lots of hobby classes, there is a real need for people to be able to try out something new. Tricia joined the class in 2007 and has kept most of the documentation since then. An incredible feat and one I am enjoying looking back on.

As we all start of with new things it is also important to reflect on things achieved and gone by and for me this gives me a lovely view of the last 10 years of teaching with my business. Tricias Scrapbook is a real treasure. Thank you Tricia.

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