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Schools out for Summer

Can't help thinking of that song! We had a lovely full class today and we end today until 1 September. This is a chance to renew, reflect and also to paint and have a holiday too! Typically in August I am painting for my show in September at the Brighton Art Fair and that is what I shall be doing. After my super course last week I am all fired up and even more in love with colour and paint. Keep an eye open for free invites to the exhibition, I can bring them along to class.

August is a great time to see exhibitions too. The Georgia O'Keefe is on up at the Tate and a great programme to watch on iPlayer if you get a chance. Try and work out how they painted things and learn from what other artists have done.

I also encourage you to keep painting, check out the lesson plans and give them a go as well as having a look through the featured blog posts (click on the ones on the right that flick through). Don't forget your password for the online lesson plans (this is detailed in the weekly emails). See you all in September and happy painting!


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