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Shop coming soon

Next week we should have a few items in the new shop. You will see items that you can have your painting put onto. This makes a very special gift for someone, at any time of the year and if the shop is successful you will be able to order any type of product to have the painting printed onto.


1. You will need your work professionally photographed - we offer this service and Roy has all of the equipment. There will be a charge of £5 per painting, or £10 for 3 paintings. You will be sent the photograph by email so that you have it for your own personal use. The photograph is sent then by us for your products. Not sure what painting would work? See the lesson plan by Jane and tips from Roy here

2. You will need to bring your painting into class so that I can get it photographed. This would mean that it needs to be flat, without a frame or glass and preferably in a folder of some sort to keep it pristine along with your name.

3. An order sheet will be give to you so you can choose which item/s you would like. Please note it will be easier to get everything done all at once if you want them for Xmas. You will need to return the order sheet by 27 October so we can place a group order.

4. You will be asked to pay by bank transfer or cheque the full amount.

5. Your order needs to be collected at a class - keep an eye on the weekly email for updates of delivery

You save a lot on delivery here as we are doing this as a group. The prices will be detailed on the order sheet and with nearly all of the items under £10 and the cheapest at £3.

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