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Xmas lunch

We have been thinking about our annual Xmas lunch and a vote for holding this years lunch at Heene Community Centre was proposed. Kevin who has now taken over Cafe One22 at the centre will be hosting. They will make the tables festive. A secret santa for £5 would be fun too, if anyone wants to arrange a quiz please let me know!

  • Date: Thursday 15 December

  • Time: 12.15 - 1.45 in the hall (a specific time slot has been allocated so we will need to be out by then)

  • Cost: £15 per head, this is for 2 courses

  • Bring your own alcohol if you wish

  • Deposit: £5

  • Bring along a friend/partner

Booking: contact me by email to let me know if you and a friend can come here by the beginning of December. Menu details are on their way.

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