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'Spring' Secret Postcards

Deadline is 1st March - Next Tuesday! Send your postcards to the following address, please put your name and any contact details on the back and if you want to Skyblue Class. The address is

For the attention of Kate Stewart

Secret Postcard Exhibition





Entrants must be there for 1st March - you can also attend the exhibition if you like, it is open from 18 - 25 March

Want to take part in this? I give you a few ideas to get you going; tiny pieces of artwork can be a challenge! You may have seen the earlier blog post about being invited to take part in the Secret Postcard exhibition, it is open to everyone who comes to a class and we start this on weeks 3 and 4 of February. So details are:

Exhibition takes place:

Saturday 18 March - Friday 24 March 2017

Size of Postcards:

A6 105 x 148 mm - either bought or cut yourself, this could also be in thicker card or layered papers (although small they can be quite sturdy, even mini canvases of that size)

Theme: Spring

What to paint? Check out google for flowers, colours and feelings you get about spring. Look at the great artists to be inspired by their spring paintings. Go for impact such as the photo here - it has colour strong shapes and a theme. Don't forget it is a small image - so small paintbrushes or create a collage. What about photocopying a larger painting you have done, so that it is very small, you could incorporate it into a spring theme - perhaps a painter painting this tiny canvas in a landscape? Just one idea!

What to paint it with? You can use collage, acrylics, pens, watercolour a mix of everything - be adventurous.

Deadline for sending is: 1st March

Address to send to: tbc

Please read the details sent to us below:

I understand it’s a busy time of year but please could I ask you for two minutes of your time to consider whether you, your colleagues and any of your students might be able to support our Westbourne House School Secret Art Exhibition?

The Exhibition will showcase postcard-sized artworks donated anonymously by pupils, staff, artists and celebrities from Saturday 18th March until Friday 24th March 2017. All works of art will be available to buy for £5 – and there’s the added excitement of then finding out the name of the artist. Funds raised will go to six charities Westbourne House School pupils have chosen to support this year.

The sixth 'charity' is our Westbourne Bursary Fund, which has recently been set up to support local children who have strong potential in academics, music or sport but difficulty in affording an education at Westbourne House.

It would make a real difference, if you could donate a postcard-sized piece of artwork (collage, photography, painting, drawing, printing - anything goes) by you or someone you know. The theme of the exhibition is Spring. Entries need to be submitted by 1st March 2017. The secret element of this exhibition is key, so please remember to put your name and any contact details you are happy to share on the back of your masterpiece.

If you are not familiar with Westbourne House School and our charity work, please take a look at our website

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