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How not to block your sink!

So this is an SOS message for all home sinks - to stop them getting blocked with paints and causing any untold damage, including in house complaints!

How do you clean up at home when you have been busy painting, perhaps you are a 'messy worker?', paint everywhere? Or even if you are not messy what do you do with the paint in the water pot and how do you clean brushes?

My tips:

Firstly, using rags brush off any paint that you have onto them when cleaning up. Dispose of the rags after a time in the rubbish

Once you have all of the paint off the brushes, then use a container with warm water and rinse them in that. Don't pour it down the sink but keep it.

Using a glass surface as your palette is great. After using acrylics or oils I let them dry and then I use a wallpaper scraper to remove them all and a damp rag to get any residue off the glass. Put all the bits in an old yoghurt pot for the next time.

Use a throw away palette, more expensive but great for class.

Rags are key to painting - make sure you have lots

VERY IMPORTANT: Ensure that young children do not handle any paints. Also paints are toxic to adults too

so clean any spilt paint away from household areas.

More exact instructions are on this super link here

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