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Brighton Open Houses

6th May kicks off the Brighton Festival, an annual event that is the 2nd largest arts festival (Edinburgh claims top place). Within the Brighton Festival are the Open Houses and I am exhibiting for my 17th year at 31 Havelock Road, the home of Frances Doherty (The Ceramic Gardner). Together along with 4 other artists this years house looks to be one with a definite wow factor. We will have large scale metal and ceramic sculptures inside the house and leading up to the house in neighbours gardens, a mini sculpture trail.

I am busy handing out brochures for the event which lasts for four weekends in May. Hope you can make it along, I am showing new paintings on canvas and on paper plus the large 'Gin Party' painting. I will be there all day on 6 May and most Sundays, text me if you want to confirm that. Click on the image for full details on my website.

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