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Details for Borde Hill

We meet the coach at Worthing Pier (no specifics given just look out for Borde Hill sign on the coach or me!

Please ensure you are on the coach to depart at 9.30am, Saturday 24 June. I am bringing along the picnic. The picnic does not include any drinks there are two cafes at Borde Hill Gardens and a restaurant.

There will be chairs for us to sit on and probably a small marquee for us to congregate in and possibly have the picnic. Just bring along your art equipment (see previous post for keeping it small and manageable) plus any weather related clothing.

There are a couple of cafes at Borde Hill that do lovely coffees. Our picnic will also include a small slice of cake.

The coach will leaving Borde Hill at 5pm so please ensure you are at the car park on time

Please make a note of my mobile number here: 07779 499294 and note that I do not have your numbers so you will need to call or text me. Thanks

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