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Rose Painting Exhibition

Borde Hill are holding a Rose Painting Exhibition in September.

Borde Hill are choosing from 3 art groups (ours is one). They will choose their favourites (which they said could depend on size). There is quite a tight deadline to this, the sooner you email them the better. They would like it framed please and you will need to deliver it to them and pick up at the end of September.

Heres what you need to do

1. Take the best photo of your painting you can (lie it on the floor in good light with no shadows or bright lights)

2. Email your pic to Anna Mackie at Borde Hill Gardens email:

3. With the email state the size of the actual frame with the painting in and your name and contact details

4. You will receive an email from Anna if you are successful

5. Frame should have a small hook or fixing you can hang onto the wall with.

When entering any painting into an exhibition do make sure that your contact details, name phone number, price of painting or not for sale is on the back so that you can be contacted.

It may be that if several of you enter then you can organise delivery and pick up please use the members only forum to liaise with each other as it is over the summer holidays.


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