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Clean Up Act

30 November we start to clean up in class and at home!

I wonder how many of you have been enjoying the series The Blue Planet? Such beautiful images but with an increase in pollution? For our future generations we need to take more care, is my personal opinion.

One of the areas I have been looking at is how I personally dispose of dirty 'paint' water. Until now I assumed it had to go down the sink. Now I have a much better way and I would like us as a class to follow suit. As of 30th November you will be asked to do this at Heene Community Centre after every class. We will do a trial first and then if it works we may have a very small charge of pence to go towards cat litter.

Benefits? No blocking of your home sink and pipes (yes it has happened), easy system to keep brushes and water clean PLUS we are helping to prevent contamination of our water.

The system is not absolutely perfect but it stops plastic entering the water.... until someone comes up with a better idea I want to run with this one.


2 yoghurt pots of water

Rags or kitchen roll

tiny amount of washing up liquid

Bin liner

cat litter - non clumping

Step one, clean your brushes on rags first

Step two add a little washing up liquid to brush and give a rinse in first yoghurt pot

Step three rinse in other yoghurt pot

When you have finished cleaning in the two pots tip the pots into the bin liner with cat litter

JOB DONE! Your brushes will thank you for it and so will everyone else

NONE goes down the sink - yippee!

Remember that all paints are toxic - watercolours and acrylics and oils

I hope this helps all reading it but I really hope that we can make an environmental contribution too. It would also be great to teach new people joining how to do this too. Thank you

Watch this video!

Then cleaning your dried up acrylic paints on your palette watch this one

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