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Easter art swap

I am having a clear out of art materials that I am not using and want to pass on. Items such as small picture frames and bits and bobs and thought that I would bring them along to the drop-in class on Thursday 18 April. Items will be 50p and £1 or a swap for something else. We will hold the art swap in the coffee break at 10.30 - I will bake a cake too:)

Items such as paints you don't use but would like to swap


odds and ends

small picture frames

anything that is art related

If anyone would like to do the same, let me know below or just bring along your items on the 18 April, Thursday morning. Its a great way to de-clutter or to get something else that you have wanted.

If you need new items then do pop in at 10.30 if you are not coming to the class on the 18th



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