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A real bargain - only 1 available!

I have been clearing out my studio and I am pulling together arty items that I don't use. I have this lovely Daler Rowney watercolour set with 24 artist quality colours in (needs a little clean up) but it retails on Jacksons for £108 and the cheapest I have seen it for is £94

As you can see there are a super selection of yellows, blues, reds and all of the secondary colours such as purples and greens and some lovely rich browns. This set would keep you going for years!

It has a lovely hard case that just is easy to open and is great to sling into your bag for class, I am also enclosing a few replacement pan colours (they just pop out when they are empty and you can replace them with new colours).

If you would like to buy the Daler Rowney watercolour set with the free extra pans it will be £28

Email me here - first come first served!

If you come to class I will bring it along and you can pay then by cash, card or cheque or if you wish to pick it up and live locally let me know to arrange payment and pick up time.

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