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Brilliant creative start!

Today we started out the new autumn term with experimental drawings. As the morning progressed it was amazing to watch the class develop a series of drawings done on tracing paper to evolve into very original 'creative' drawings.

Over the years of teaching I have met students who have confided in me that they are not creative, or can't imagine something that is not in front of them. Others have said they would like to create more abstract pieces but don't know how to start. With that in mind todays session was all about setting a series of tasks that could be pieced together with the aim of creating semi-abstract drawings that can be used in multiple ways.

If you can draw you can also produce paintings. It is having the tools and techniques to hand and be familiar with that enable a painting to be planned. Todays session was fun and very creative, on to the next part - creating paintings from these drawings.

Tip: play games when drawing, ask questions 'how can I do this differently?' and follow your intuition - it is leading the way to new things.

More experimental sessions are lined up for autumn - join in when you can. This session is suitable for all abilities and particularly for 'inquisitive' minded creatives.

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