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Buying Acrylics? Check out these Recommendations

If you are starting out using acrylic paints or are thinking of upgrading to 'better' quality paint it can be confusing as there are so many various makes out there all at varying prices and then a huge selection of things such as mediums.

If you are coming to the next Beginners Short Course in Acrylics which starts this March (places still available) this will help you source the acrylics I recommend, links included.

I shop online from Jackson's Art Supplies

Beginners Acrylic Paint sets: ideal for complete beginners, quality is fair/good I recommend this one

This set has 12 colours, more than enough and they will last ages. The size of the tube is good, not too small as you use more colour than with watercolour paints

In this range, click the link and see underneath on that page, you will find pearl and metallic ranges. This is quite niche but a nice thing to try once you find out you love acrylics!

Another well priced Acrylic Paint Set with extras! also ideal for complete beginners and those wishing to upgrade poorer quality acrylics. Also with 12 colours plus 3 acrylic mediums included (we use matt medium in classes)

Large Brush offer: this is, at the time of writing 2 March on clearance. It is a larger brush which will help you with bigger areas of colour - think skies, etc, check out their clearance brushes - type in 'acrylic/synthetic'.

Other brushes you will need: ensure you have a smaller with point, a medium flat ended and a larger brush with a point. All these brushes need to be soft synthetic, not bristle

For more details about what to bring to class, see the link below

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