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Can you Help? Painting Challenge!

A commission to paint this lovely cafe - you can use any media (watercolour, acrylic or drawing or a mix). Pat, who comes to our afternoon class has been asked by her daughter to paint her cafe - The Fig Tree. Unfortunately Pat hasn't had the time and now it is getting a little urgent!

If you would like to have a go at painting the Fig Tree cafe all you have to do is the following:

  1. Email Jane for the full size image of the cafe to paint from

  2. Create a small painting (no bigger than A4) using any media you like, watercolour, acrylic or drawing, line and wash - your choice

  3. Deadline 13 May

  4. scan it and send to Jane at or bring it in to class for photographing. Please state your name, email and mobile number in case we need to contact you

  5. The results will be sent to Pat and her daughter, wait to see if you have been successful

  6. I will notify you of the decision as soon as the decision has been made and all entries are in

  7. I am sure there is a little prize - to be confirmed!

Good luck and happy painting!


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