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Designing your Painting

This week we took a look at designing a painting and a new approach to being creative - the aim being to create your own painting from existing drawings and paintings done in class. Heres a summary;

These sessions are in two parts; part one where you trace favourite paintings or drawings. You may need to photocopy your painting/drawing and resize it smaller or larger. You will need several tracings of several paintings on separate sheets.

Place your tracings on top of each other, allow tracings to overlap and see how you can arrange it to best effect. Take a photo of your arrangement.

Now do a small thumbnail drawing (a quick tiny drawing in a rectangle) that will loosely represent your design. Think about leaving space for you design to 'breathe'. We worked with several armatures, S, L and diagonal. Come to a class to find out more about these.

Week 2 will involve turning the drawing/tracings into a painting using watercolours. We will work with your traced drawing in an abstract application of paint as a base layer. A water spray bottle is good for this.

Creating new paintings from existing ones gives you complete control and creativity flourishes! Great for August if you want to paint and are not sure what or where to start.

paintbrush watercolour
Want to be creative? Come to our next Thursday class

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