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End of a very Creative Year

Thank you to everyone who has attended a class this year, hopefully it has been a new learning experience for you. Looking at all your fabulous creativity it is obvious that you have all done amazingly well and worked so hard at every level, beginner or more advanced.

Maybe you haven't attended a class yet but are thinking of it in 2020? Be inspired by all of the paintings and drawings done here and remember that everyone started out one day in a small way. Join us to learn how to draw, paint with acrylics and watercolours, meet new friends and spend time learning new skills.

It has been a pleasure to show you my skills and pass them on to you all and I have to say that whatever level you feel you are at, you have done amazingly! Last but not least, if you have been to a class please do leave a review for others to be inspired so that future classes can be planned and we can share our knowledge together. You can leave a review here

I learnt from an artist many years ago before going on to doing a degree in painting and teacher training. By sharing knowledge we learn together.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Creative 2020! ... Jane

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