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Join Our Beginners Afternoons

Thursday afternoons are dedicated to beginners and those who have just started to draw and paint. If you have a little experience or perhaps have completed our beginners short course these afternoons are for you.

The classes run from 1pm-3pm and usually focus on watercolour painting. Maybe you have some watercolours at home and are not sure what to paint, perhaps you have had a go at home or even as long ago as school these classes are designed for you.

How to sign up for a class

Check out the class you would like to attend on the homepage here scroll down to see all of the beginners classes. Hit the button where it says 'Yes I can come' this will send me an email and I will reply saying you are on the list.

See the paintings for the Thursday beginners classes in the main Thursday gallery here


Four classes are £56, to be used within 2 months. Choose the date that suits you, you can pay by cash or card on the day. Single classes are £17, one off payment.


We go through the subject in depth, step by step. Joining a class can be a little daunting but seeing someone else demonstrate each aspect can be helpful and informative. As the class progresses individual attention is given to each person. We usually start off with how to draw the subject, this is done on the board by me for you to follow along. We then talk about colours and I then demonstrate how to apply the colours to that particular subject. You can go at your own pace, there is no rush. Everyone learns at their own pace and this is taken into account.


I was very happy with the progress I seem to have made, about basics of which brush, medium, mixing etc. Everybody was very nice and I really enjoyed this time away from absolutely everything else. Focus!

Join us for classes in May and June and get creative with us!

best wishes Jane

email Jane at or give me a call 07779 499294

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