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Letters From Lockdown

From the start of the first lockdown and right up until the time of writing you have been writing to me by email. Here are all of the amazing emails I so enjoyed - some are hilarious others make me cry! I have taken out all of the names out but you know who you are! Thank you x Jane


Your tips are really helpful, thank you. I am improving mixing watercolours by watching you…….noticing that you initially little of the colours and build up as and when. Also you have shown me the lightness of your brush strokes. As always, am looking forward to this week’s painting.

Thanks for the feedback. It was a difficult lesson and I found mixing the greens the hardest bit.

Otherwise enjoying the lessons.

Hi Jane, I'm almost ashamed to post my recent effort. I found it almost impossible on many fronts. I made a few attempts but my lack of experience mixing and applying paint got the better of me. I tried so hard to achieve the milky coffee colours you achieved but the burnt sienna mix was always too orange. Anyway it proved to be a massive learning curve and I look forward to your next tutorial. J

Thank you Jane for your constructive comments. You are always so supportive and as you say practice is always good. Looking forward to the next tutorial. Many thanks

  • I just finished my first watercolor painting with your online instructions and I enjoyed it a lot!

  • I am sorry not to meet you personally - I live far away ( in Jordan)

Again, I thoroughly enjoyed doing the painting and feel that I am really improving with my watercolours, although still some way to go! I do think the stags antlers look like something I could hang Christmas decorations on !!!!

  • Looking forward to next week’s painting. I really do not want these on-line tutorial to end! Although face-to-face is lovely, I seem to be able to take on board your instructions more easily with your brilliant tutorials. It diminished the worry when, in class, I often feel that I cannot do it! As an amateur amongst so many brilliant painters, I sometimes feel very at a loss. But hey-ho, my confidence has improved considerably, thank you Jane.

just sending my latest effort. I had to try a few times but was

unable to achieve consistency for each technique. Anyway I had fun doing it and am definitely benefiting from your tuition and support. Those tutorials must take you ages but are so appreciated. Such a talented artist. Await the next lesson. Thank you.

just wanted to show you my first attempt at this weeks tutorial. It's my daughters birthday next week and coincidentally she loves cacti. I want to thank you so much for your tuition and introducing me to so many possibilities. You have made such a difference to my approach. I'll try to improve on an A4 size next. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Quite a difficult one, very much enjoyed it, haven't done anything for a while, will try a second attempt.

Thankyou so much.

Thank you once again for the amazing tutorial. Initially, I had trouble with my ellipses, as usual!! I am going to do a page of pots to show you when I can do them!!

Cheers, I now deserve a glass of something nice……wish you could join us!

I have just looked at your paintings again. They are absolutely gorgeous.


Hi Jane, brilliant lesson !

I didnt think I was going to like doing this , but really enjoyed doing it.

Thankyou so much !

More intricate detail than I thought when I first saw it.

Only thing is that the last 2 pots on the bottom right had a swop over 😳 .

I was looking at the mauve one but started painting the one before it ! So with deep colour I didnt want to try and get the mauve off .

Anyway.... I am happy with it.

Here is my flower picture . Such a lovely lesson……especially your glorious watercolour of wild flowers! No wild flowers on my balcony, but it was fun having a bash at the original. I made some mistakes and was going to do it again. On reflection a second version never looks as good as the first! I enjoyed painting the flowers very much and became totally absorbed in painting them.

I am looking forward to doing all the June pictures.

Again thank you so much Jane for doing these online videos…..I never expected to be able to achieve and enjoy painting so much. Thursdays has become a very special day for me!!

Hi Jane

That was an interesting Thursday you gave us! Good to take on the challenge of what looked a reasonably easy project, to one that took some concentration! Again thoroughly enjoyable. What is so brilliant is that I am utterly consumed by the Thursday project, and beyond! Which is amazing for me. Although I wanted to go to Art school as a child, it never happened, so apart from the odd stab at painting, my attitude was “well, I cannot do it” so why bother. Now since lockdown everything has changed!!!

Apologies Jane, for going over the top again! I really do want you to know what an amazing transition you have taken me to!!

Hi Jane For the first time since we painted 🎈on your online lessons, I am happy with my first trial to show you. I am still excited by the minimum colours to create different shades of colours -

Hi Jane

Thank you Jane.,

Hi Jane, hope you are well. Loved doing the poppies, with your help though, dont think I could have done it without you.

You are amazing! I very quickly added some dark greens to my poppies and darkened the stems……although the stems are not very straight, the paintings looks so much better. Actually I am going to do another one. This time a larger picture and will make up loads of dark green!

Cheers again,

My Pimms version attached. I enjoy the tutorials partly for the sound effects. I can hear the birds and the traffic outside, sometimes a few seagulls, just as if I am sitting there watching you with the rest of the group!which brings a nice personal touch to the lesson.

Hi Jane,

I made a dog’s dinner of the cocktail initially. But as you explained the painting would fade a little when dry. Also it was a good exercise to take off some the paint. All was not lost and I managed to do a modest cocktail……gin, tonic and mint would be easier!! Not so much fun though!


Hope you are well and ready for July video taking. I am rather behind the lessons.

I am pleased with this as I now paint without cauliflowers and enjoy wet in wet.

it's been great just to sit and paint.

you make me laugh on the video i can hear you 'sigh ' it always brings a smile. -

This started out as a complete pigs ear! The next day I considered how I could improve it. It was much improved and I was reasonably pleased with the result. I did do a lot of taking off paint……I did intend it to be red! I think I wanted it to be a bit abstract . But it was a good exercise to correct the things I did not like…….so, onwards and upwards!

Hi Jane, many thanks for your latest tutorial. It introduced me to so many new techniques. Compared to yours I've definitely over lined my fence but it was such fun to do.

Dear Jane, thanks so much for all your comments and constructive tips over the past weeks. I have learnt so much. Following you has given me so much pleasure and I shall definitely miss your weekly tutorials. The effort you put in is tremendous.

Hi Jane, hope you well. It is great to look at everyones's paintings over many months. Really inspiring !

It must be much more work for you with all of us online and giving feedback to everyone. Thankyou so much. !

A well deserved break! Thankyou so much for the online lessons it's been great, and will continue to do some plus keep up the painting/drawing.

Many thanks and have a good summer, even if it is a little different, hope to hear from you in September.

You suggested I should practice clouds… are 3 of them (not for the gallery!). There is definitely an improvement. I will do more.

My summer beach painting was such fun to do. I just loved it!! Mega concentration and complete involvement!

It is the techniques that are so important, I really feel I am getting to grips with some of them. Also I have really appreciated all the tips you have given me…..thank you.

I read with horror that our on-line lessons will becoming to an end. Hopefully they will return? Will you be doing them for the rest of July?

I really missed not “seeing” you on Thursday! This is a card that I sent to my Grandson to celebrate his 18th Birthday. He was amazed and exclaimed “Grandma did YOU paint this”…….. Also I have done one for Geoff’s 80th birthday depicting all the things he loves i.e. cheese, wine, tea and scones and clotted cream! It is not his birthday until next week.

With so many birthdays I have done loads of cards with a single flower on them. My friends have been so appreciative. My painting has improved so much over lockdown, I can hardly believe it! You really have taught me so much, especially with all the tips and comments. Most importantly is has given me so much confidence to have a bash.

Hopefully you are beginning to feel better and that the surgery has been successful.

Take care and come back to us soon.

Hi Jane, just to say hope all is well with your health and you are recovering. I hadn't fully appreciated how much your tutorials had added to my life and journey into using watercolour. You had improved my skills tremendously in such a short time and I must admit without your influence my work has ceased. You managed to find such unusual images and your supportive tips spurred me on. Anyway you are sadly missed and I hope to continue with your guidance soon. It's not the same without you. Very best wishes

I am really enjoying painting finding it calming and very therapeutic.

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