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More Items coming to Class!

So I am having a clear out of equipment in my studio and if you would like any of the following email me below and I will bring it to class. There is also a watercolour set, see previous blog post

Top left to right:

  1. Small wooden frames x 2 £1.50 for both

  2. Canvas panels, larger size, 16 x 12" £2.50 each 2 or 3 available

  3. Textured sketchbook also in number 4 pic 1 available

5. Smaller canvas panels A4 size £1.50 each 3 or 4 available

6. Acrylic or watercolour mixing palette with lid so great for classes and putting in bag £3 - only 1 available

7. plastic wallet good for storing your paintings £1 - only 1 available

If you can collect and pay for them at class that would be great, email me here if you want to have any of the items

Thanks Jane

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