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My 5 Top Tips to cope with Grey Dark Days Again

Well not sure about you but it can be difficult to figure out what day it is! I would, however, like to wish you all a happy and creative 2021 even when it can be hard to figure out what is going on at the moment outside.

As I write this I am trying to warm my studio just so I can get down there and look at a very large canvas I have just started to paint. Brrr... its chilly and motivation is on the verge or non existence but I know I need to show up. The studio also needs to be warm for more online lesson videos that I have yet to do. So lots planned but a sluggishness is prevailing!

After a chilly day in the studio on Saturday I thought a few trusty 'bust the January blues tips' might be helpful for you if you find this time of year particularly challenging and that might be without the never ending pandemic.

In the greyest of days both emotionally and outside its important to keep warm and stay safe. For me painting really has become my ally but a few words of advice!

Step 1: Make sure you are nice and warm - this sounds strange but sitting for any period of time painting makes your body get colder.

Step 2: It may sound silly but taking breaks when painting for long periods of time is really quite necessary.

Step 3: have lovely hot drinks and the odd biscuit (to cheer) on the ready for your break and prop your painting up and look at it from a distance. You will find that this break allows you to see the painting differently.

Step 4: do the above and turn it upside down! This is fun and also shows you different areas you may have missed

Step 5: don't be hard on yourself with how you are progressing. There are enough challenges outside in the world at the moment. Be kind and think I can do that next time.

Step 6: spend some time messing about with colours, not doing a painting but experimenting. Colour mixing on a grey day is good for us!

Step 7: Treat yourself to a new set of colours or a brush or anything!

Stay well and safe and wishing you a lovely creative 2021!


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