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New Online Classes for April

As we all get to gradually go out more and are enjoying the garden, hopefully, with warmer weather it is so nice just to sit and appreciate spring and the blossom. After a little break and enjoying a bit of tidying up in the garden it has been so nice to appreciate the little things like our cherry tree coming into blossom.

I also had a birthday card to get for a lovely friend so with both of these things in mind I decided that a watercolour lesson titled 'Celebrating Spring - Paint a Lovely Card for a Friend' would be nice. The Blue Tit in the blossom is easier than you might think to paint and is suitable for all abilities and if you have a pink, yellow and blue then you are half way there!

If you would like to take part in the online lesson click here and if you want to enjoy the super discounts for these lessons sign up to our Weekly Newsletter

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