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November Offer!

If you are thinking of coming to the Thursday afternoon classes and want to buy 4 in November you will receive a free class! This offer is when you purchase November afternoons only. Classes can still be used within 3 months of purchase (morning or afternoons).

Thursday afternoons mean you get a lie in! Also it means that you can attend slightly smaller classes. We will be painting different subjects to the morning and alternating between watercolour and acrylic painting. As in all the other classes you will receive guidance, tips and advice on how to plan, prepare, mix and much more!

Book your class by either emailing Jane here or by clicking on the classes (above this post, scroll up to see below the Thursday morning classes). Thats it! Each week details of what to bring will be outlined in the weekly newsletter along with the morning class and other news.

Hope you can make it and look forward to seeing you on Thursday afternoons!

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