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Our 2022 classes will run!

What will you create in 2022? How was your Xmas holiday time? Itching to get back to drawing and painting or maybe you are thinking of taking up watercolour painting? Not sure if attending a class in light of Covid developments is ok? So many questions and hopefully I can help with many of them...

I have planned quite a few classes for the morning and afternoons on Thursdays and fingers crossed will be continuing in a similar fashion to last year. A new 4 week Beginners Watercolour course will also be starting on 24 January. Attending classes has brought our creative community back together and classes were very popular. Lots have signed up for the coming weeks so if you do want to come along do sign up (details below).

A little bit of history for those that are new; I think it was safe to say that 2021 was a roller coaster of a year with the ongoing pandemic. With regard to the classes we started back last May after we all came out of lockdown and after working with the online classes that winter and spring. Lots of you haven't stopped painting which was an absolute joy to see and be a part of. We also ended the year with a fabulous Christmas lunch party of 20 that we all really enjoyed.

I am looking forward to helping and showing you how to develop your creative skills for this year, whatever level you are at there is always a little more to learn and develop. Thinking about what you want to draw and paint is the very first step towards getting going and if you are feeling rusty or not sure then that is fine, that is what we meet for in class to explore.

How to enrol and class info:

  1. if you are new then start on the homepage and scroll down to see the dates and times of classes. If you see a subject you would like to join in with then click on the link. This will send an email to me to say you can make it.

  2. Make sure you then sign up to the weekly newsletter which is above all of the classes

  3. If you can't make a class for whatever reason please do let me know by email so I can offer your class to the waiting list email me here at Payment for the cancelled class is not necessary, you can roll it over to the next class

  4. If you buy 4 classes you will need to use them within 3 months

  5. Classes do not have to be consecutive

  6. Please do not come to class if you feel unwell. Please take any COVID precautions you wish to take before or at the class, this is a personal choice and as yet I have not been informed of mandatory mask wearing at class or in the building but again this is your choice

  7. I do the main part of teaching in the first 1/2 hour

  8. Parking is available at the centre

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