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Plant a Sunflower Seed - for June

Would you like to help us grow small sunflower plants for our June Summer Fayre at Heene Community centre? We need to get planting!

Its a great time to get planting and all you need is a sunny windowsill, a small pot with soil and a few lovely sunflower seeds. If you have a greenhouse even better but it is not essential.

There are all types of sunflowers to grow, from enormous ones to small short ones, the variety of colours is also amazing.

Our aim is to sell small sunflower plants on our small table as part of the Summer Fayre. We also hope to decorate pots with paint all in aid of raising funds for the Red Cross and the Ukrainian Appeal. All money will go directly to the charity to help the crisis there, the sunflower is an emblem of solidarity for the Ukraine.

Happy planting and do get in touch to say you are taking part!

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