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Poppy fields

Poppies in Watercolour by Susan

We had great fun with watercolour and tissue paper today and the idea for this class has come from personal experience of painting poppy fields, using watercolour, in the past. I have to say that quite a few attempts have failed because I was not able to get the red of the poppies as I wanted them due to background green often flowing into it and turning the vibrant red into a reddy brown.

So finding solutions to paintings is, in my experience, 70% of what painting is about. Bring in another medium such as tissue and have another go is the motto! The white tissue works best and picks up the red wonderfully.

For the rest of September we play with using paint and tissue with the goal of 'trying to find out what happens' in mind. You can see all of the poppies in watercolour here

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