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Preparations for 11 June

Look at the beautiful handmade bags Diane brought in today, all handmade! Some of you are helping get fund raising items ready at home and so I just wanted to share with you how we are getting on so far!

Lovely bags by Diane

In case you have missed the details; we are holding a table sale to raise funds for the Ukrainian Appeal and asking for any small paintings, cards, painted flower pots or sunflowers to be donated to help.

Small sunflowers ready for painted pots

Can you help by painting plastic paint pots using acrylics?

If you wish to donate a small painting it would be great if it is framed or if it has a mount, please sign it and put a note as to how much you would like it to sell for. All of the proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross unless you state how much (for example, material etc for bags) you would like to cover costs.

I know that some of you have already made items in readiness! Thank you! If you just want to help out on the day and have a social hour or so please come along, bring your friends and family too. There is a big raffle being run by Heene as well with some super prizes as well as lots of other stands to see and join in with.

It would be helpful if you could bring any item to class before 11 June, do get in touch by email if you have any queries

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