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Would you like affordable Art Materials?

Would you like to buy watercolour paper at class? Perhaps you are stuck and are not sure what to buy. You may be starting out or have simply run out. Are there other items you would like to buy at a very discounted price? Read on!

I have been having a studio clear out and it seems others have too and with new people joining needing art materials it seems like a good idea to get the art materials online so that they can be given a good home at a fraction of the price.

With the demise of art shops in the Worthing area and the only option to buy online we could certainly 'regenerate' art materials that may have not been used but someone else could make good use of.

My collection at the moment, which will all be under £5 some items at 30p, details to be finalised;

  • Good quality watercolour paper

  • Practice drawing paper - 10 sheets

  • Ceramic mixing dishes, excellent condition

  • Two various sized art carrying boxes

  • with more to be listed

  • Simply put, would you be interested in buying? I can bring to class for you :)

Selling Yourself?

  • Do you come to class regularly?

  • Do you have any art materials that you no longer need?

  • Would you be happy to liaise with someone who wishes to buy from you and arrange postage or collect from you?

  • Would you be able to take photos of the art materials and send to me?

  • Perhaps use our Skyblue WhatsApp chat to liaise with others

I am happy to help advertise the items on the Skyblue website and also in blog posts/Facebook.... lets get recycling, clearing clutter or items that are not used and giving others an opportunity to get drawing and painting.

What are your thoughts about this? Would you like to be involved? Buying or selling? Email Jane here at

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