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Your successful Fundraising

A while back a lot of Skyblue members created some super painted postcards to help raise money for The Secret Postcard exhibition held by Westbourne House School. Well congratulations to you all, this is the lovely email I received to thank you.

Dear Jane, We have returned from the Easter holidays and wanted so much to tell you that the Secret Art Exhibition was a great success and we cannot thank you enough for encouraging all your artists to get involved.  Please will you pass on our hugest thanks to all contributors.

We selected some of the postcards for the silent auction, including Kerry Robinson's postcard which raised a fabulous £65.  We included a bio her in the envelope with their postcard for the buyer.

The postcards were sold for £5 each and we raised  £2500 for our school charities, which is a phenomenal achievement and could not have been done without your invaluable support.

The four charities that we are supporting over the next two years were voted for by the children and are as follows:

Chichester Down Syndrome Support Group: who provide support to local

children with Down’s syndrome, as well as their families, in the

Chichester and Arun districts of West Sussex. The group offers a large

range of activities as well as providing funding for private speech

and language therapy.

Team Unlimbited: a charity that makes 3D hands for children who were

born without them. They share their designs nationally and

internationally and work on developing and improving the devices that

are on offer.

Sausage Tree Charity: a charity that works to advance the education

and well-being of children in the Luangwa Valley, in Zambia.

Westbourne House Bursary Fund: a fund for local children who have

strong potential in academics, music or sport, but who otherwise would

not have access to a Westbourne education.

We have had a really positive feedback from the children, the artists

and all those who visited the exhibition from the local Sussex

community and we certainly hope to do another event in the future.

Thank you again for your support and we hope you don't mind if we contact you again ahead of our next event!

Very best wishes,

Kate Stewart on behalf of the Westbourne House School Charity Committee

painted rose
Kerry's Postcard Entry

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