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Heene Cafe needs our artwork!

Heene Cafe at Heene Community Centre have kindly asked us if we could exhibit some of our work and 'refresh their walls'.

After a few group discussions we agreed that having frames that all tie in together would give a cohesive look. I have the above frames ready for artwork and they are as follows:

  • Two brushed aluminium frames 51 x 51cm, with 30 x 30 mount (artwork to fit the latter size)

  • One white box frame 53 x 53cm with 30 x 30cm mount (artwork to fit the latter size)

  • 6 small square black frames for artwork to be sized 16cm x 16cm (you could created your own artwork with a border of white around it to make it look like a mount)

The idea is that we can slot artwork into the frames and change the exhibition regularly. So the sizes of the artwork will need to be:

  • 30 x 30 cm (please leave any important edges of your artwork with a few cm allowances)

  • 16 x 16cm - artwork can fill the frame entirely or you can buy a small mount or design your artwork within a drawn frame

What sort of artwork is required? Your best! Colourful, paintings, collages or drawings, signed bottom right on the artwork with your name. You will need to write down the title, your name and how much it is for sale (doesn't have to be for sale). If you sell the work with the frame a small amount will be required to cover the frame: £5 for the larger ones and £2.50 for the small.

Work to be exhibited for two months before change over

You must be able to deliver and collect your work accordingly

Deadline: end of February if you can. If you have any queries do ask in the classes, thanks.... Jane

If you have any lovely white or black contemporary frames or 30 x 30cm white mounts that you no longer want or wish to donate to this we would love to hear from you!

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