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Things that catch your eye

We had a lovely morning dripping paint, spraying and generally creating abstract colours in class. Doing such free form work can be inspiring and you can just forget about any techniques or what should be happening, the paint almost does it itself.

But then comes the question, what do I do next? Well, several things can be turn into possibilities.

1. It could be that the painting is already finished and no further work is needed

2. Do you see something within the painting that 'suggests' something to you?

3. If number 2. happens then how do you go about it?

Throughout the week you may look at a variety of images in books, magazines or on the internet. Why not try the following and gather data for these abstract drip paintings:

1. Look for specific colour combinations e.g. oranges/reds/golds

2. Collect inspiring images when you see them

3. Pick subjects that you think would go with a drip like effect; misty mornings, woods in mist, late sun on flowers etc.

Basically, things that catch your eye. Keep in a folder or start a sketchbook or sticking in book, you never know when you might need it in class!

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