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Lovely 10th Party!

We had a super tea and cake with Pimms thrown in last Sunday at Heene Community Centre to celebrate 10 years of classes. A huge thank you to everyone that came along, it was lovely to see all of you and do what we have always done best, eat cake and drink tea! It was also a great opportunity to look through Tricia's Scrapbook and gather names on the 'when did you join timeline' as well as see the current Skyblue exhibition in the cafe

Here are some lovely shots by Roy of the afternoon. Thank you all for your kind messages, cards and presents it really means a lot.

The amazing baked cheesecake was by HeeneCaff who bake to order. I had no idea I would get such a true labour of love. Kev who made it was baking it until late on Saturday so a huge thanks to him and Sam for their seamless organisation. We have asked if he can go onto The Bake Off but apparently he has too many qualifications, such a shame!

Scroll down for more pics and the group photo :)

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