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Gelli Plate

Do it yourself printmaking is fun, quite messy and produces multiples of very original designs. One thing that can increase the fun factor is called a 'Gelli plate'. Sold on Amazon, or Google it to find other suppliers, it is a pliable rubber mat that you apply colour to with a print roller. It comes in a range of sizes and shapes and becomes a little addictive once you get to know it. You will also need a small rubber printing roller, sold in good craft shops usually or online.

You can use acrylics, inks, gouache and even try watercolour. Acrylics work well, just ensure you have enough fluidity (add a tiny touch of water to them before applying to the Gelli plate. Once you have your plate, check it out on YouTube or see the blog here for a few videos. Ensure you have plenty of cheaper paper to test it all out on before printing onto your top notch paper and enjoy!

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