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Tips for drips!

We have recently been inspired by part of Anna Perlin's painting that contained 'the drip'. Made famous by 1950's artist, Jackson Pollock who constructed his entire painting from drips, keeping drips as elements of the painting give a 'semi-abstract' feel to the piece.

Which paint should you use to get the best runs and drips? Watercolour is ideal for this application, simply load a pointed brush with water and paint a long watery line then get some strong watercolour on the same brush and drop it into the lone line, watch it move. Play about and soon you have lots of drips.

Acrylics can also drip, ideally the best to use are 'fluid acrylics' or inks. They are already in liquid form which is what you need for a drip. However if you only have thicker acrylics try using a small spray bottle with clean cold water; apply thicker paint then spray the area with a mist and tilt the board to get the acrylic and water to run. Ensure,if this is your second layer over a first layer, that the first is very dry.

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