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New things for Autumn

Our first week back and we had a beautiful collection of penguins painted to celebrate, well done everyone. You can see them on the front page of the website.

Lined up for the months to Christmas are the new Saturday afternoon drawing and painting workshops. Learn something new, if you are a beginner these afternoons will really give you an insight in how to start drawing and painting. I will be giving plenty of demonstrations, tips and advice.

If you have been painting for a while and want to try out something slightly different then there are also Saturday afternoons for you, try the portrait in pencil and charcoal or maybe you just love the image that accompanies the workshop and want to have a go but are not sure. The first two workshops are 23 and 30 September, you can find all of the details

Buy watercolours in the Skyblue Shop! Discounted Shin Han watercolours in super size tubes are brilliant for class. They have such beautiful colours and the range for you to purchase will gradually grow. The first one is 'Pinks and Purples' as well as larger sets (great for Christmas). I will deliver them in class, saving you on postage.

Nearer to Christmas we will start our hand-made Christmas range, as is our tradition. Printmaking is one of the easier ways of doing multiple cards.

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