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Ready for hanging

The tropical bird painting has had its final touches done in my studio. This week the stretcher bars arrived (the frame for the painting). I assembled it and stapled the canvas to the frame. It was trickier than I initially thought but it fits. I then had to reapply another coat of sky blue! You can see from the detail photo of the pink birds that it was a lighter blue but after I had stretched the canvas there was a white gap at the bottom left which meant more blue and then one thing led to another and me painting another coat for the entire painting, plus edges. As you can see it is a large painting I think we started this three years ago!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to it, either by painting a bird or leaf and for purchasing a raffle ticket to help pay for the stretcher bars. In all it shows what a group collaboration can do. It has been great fun and will look splendid at Heene Community Centre (fingers crossed that we get to have it in our room).

Finally it would be lovely to have a group photo of everyone in front of it :) Thank you!

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